About Foodie Tales

When I was a little girl, I had a cookbook called Kids Cooking. It was a simple cookbook with a handful of fun, easy recipes. It was through this book that I first discovered my love for cooking—and brownies!—and I have been cooking for my family and friends ever since.

When my son Johnny was born, he loved books and reading from the start. When he was as little as six months old, he would reach for his books and nudge me to read all throughout the day. His love of books inspired my own renewed interest in children’s literature, and together we have read whimsical, fantastical, imaginative books on subjects ranging from hungry caterpillars to whiny crayons to berserk hippos (and nowadays, lots of Star Wars, Fancy Nancy, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid!).

As soon as he was old enough, Johnny also loved to help in the kitchen. The very first thing we made together was chocolate chia seed pudding. We made it in a big silver bowl while sitting on the floor of our kitchen, and that is one of my favorite memories of Johnny and me when he was still a little boy. When my daughter, Poppy, was born and old enough, we included her in our cooking as well. She loves to sit up on the counter with her feet dangling and help, and she has become my everyday partner in the kitchen, especially at dinnertime. Now, we all cook together on the weekends, and everyone in our family pitches in.

This book is a compilation of our very favorite things to make in the kitchen, inspired by our very favorite children’s stories. Some recipes are literal, taken nearly from the pages of the books themselves. Others are interpretive, where we’ve read between the lines to extract a recipe that we think gets to the heart of the book. Together, it is a literary foodie mash-up! We hope you love it as much as we do, and we hope it inspires you to enjoy good food and cooking.

With Love,



Foodie Tales is a labor of love. In an effort to pay that love forward, the author will donate a portion of proceeds from book sales to two organizations making a tremendous effort to end hunger in America: the Greater Chicago Food Depository and World Central Kitchen.

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